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We are going to use this ingeniously named page to publish your comments and suggestions, but please keep it clean because this is a family website. So, if you would be so kind, please go to the "contact us" page, or follow this link.  contact us

Thanks in anticipation.

Feedback from The Birdcare Company;

Thank you for adding us to your website.  Your website looks fantastic.  Very informative and really well laid out – easy for anyone to navigate.

Best Regards


 email from Walkers Transport;

Thats great!!!!



email from Gold Chip Beddings ;

"Looks great , Thanks for thinking of us.Best wishes"  

Elaine Kirkum


"Great new layout for the website. It is easy to navigate and it’s nice to see so many photos of members! I particularly enjoyed the profile of John, and hope to read about more members and their set-ups in the coming months."

Best wishes,


Laura Keens
Sub-editor/editorial assistant
Cage & Aviary Birds

Trafalgar Budgerigars "Well for producing a nice looking website. Easy to navigate. Really enjoyed the old photographs. Good luck with your forthcoming open show. Keep up the good work."

Steve at Trafalgar Budgerigars


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