The website feedback page

We are going to use this ingeniously named page to publish your comments and suggestions, but please keep it clean because this is a family website. So, if you would be so kind, please go to the "contact us" page, or follow this link.  contact us

Thanks in anticipation.

"Great new layout for the website. It is easy to navigate and it’s nice to see so many photos of members! I particularly enjoyed the profile of John, and hope to read about more members and their set-ups in the coming months."

Best wishes,


Laura Keens
Sub-editor/editorial assistant
Cage & Aviary Birds

Trafalgar Budgerigars "Well for producing a nice looking website. Easy to navigate. Really enjoyed the old photographs. Good luck with your forthcoming open show. Keep up the good work."

Steve at Trafalgar Budgerigars


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