Some of our archive photos from years past - Who do you recognise?

We'll be needing some help from our older members with these photos, so if you know when they were taken and who's in them, please get in touch with Mike Chase and tell all !!  We would appreciate any old photos that you might have, of course with as much info as you can to go with them.Thanks   

Who are these guys on the right here ???

That's Geoff Thomas with trilby on ..... thanks to John Callaghan for the info.

More info from Phil;

Middle picture Early 80s in Mission Hall ,Ollerton.
L-R Gary Stones,Hedley Willatt,Phil White,Chris Ingram,Bill Bush,Mick Ingram,Geoff Thomas.

Is that Mr White on the left hand side ........ with hair !!!?

This info has been sent in by Phil White ... Thanks mate.

Top picture mid 90s
Back row L-R. Phil White,Richard Elton,?,Ron Roberts.
Front row L-R Phil Tacey,Ray Parry,June Roberts, ?

This photo is a bit more recent, but who is who and when was it !???

"The one sat down on bottom pic looks like John Jarvis but Phil will tell you" ... thanks JC

Yet more from Phil;

Bottom picture in Jubilee Hall around 2000.

Back row L-R Colin Dudley,Charlie Prince,seated president John Jarvis,Ron Roberts,Di Parkes,Maurice Parkes,? guy crouched.
Front row L-R John Ince,?,Phil White,?,John Baker,Dave Archer,Charlie Harrison.


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