An Evening With Artist Jim Thompson    

The interesting stuff for the eveningstarted with the introduction of Jim to the disappointing assembled audience total of only 11 !!  - - - we can do better than that !? The softly spoken artist quickly got onto his drawing after showing us commissioned oil painting that he had completed for Mark Bannister (Essex ) - he also supplied the photo from which he painted the Lacewing – simply stunning, everyone at the meeting agreed that the skill required to get that type of finish was extraordinary. Here is a photo of the painting and the photo ... are you following ! ?

He asked for requests of which type of budgerigar we would like him to draw for us – Dark Green Pied cock was the consensus of opinion. I’ll let the series of photos that follow speak for themselves.

Jim was answering questions whilst he was constructing this impressive drawing in pastels and also had a couple of amusing stories.

This included subjects that he had been asked to draw in the past, one concerning “Jesus” and the other about a “Red Kite”

I won’t spoil his thunder for any forthcoming meetings that he might have and some of you will be there ..... it would be your loss if you  missed him.

After about 45 minutes, Jim had finished drawing the Pied, he generously gave it to Sean Platts. 

It was the turn of Phil White to take the gift and he also would give a donation to the O&B CBS.

I missed taking the photo of Phil receiving the drawing, but I managed to take one of the back of his head and also one of a wooden finial that was next to him .... can you tell which one is which ?

Good old Phil - that will teach him to take the psss out of my football team !

The final give-a-way from Jim was a few sketches of canaries etc for Peggy and Malc Norris - you can see the back of their heads on the photo on the right !

So that’s about it .....except for  big-hearted Mike Chase made sure that Jim didn’t leave without his raffle prize, a chocolate orange -  If it had been dark chocolate he would have missed out I can tell ya !  

Thanks again for a great evening Jim.

Sean said that he would give a donation to the club for his gift – cheers mate.

We thought that was the end of it, but no, Jim asked for another request, this time it was a Normal Violet cock.

Here’s the sequence;


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