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In this page we will keep you upto date with the new goings on within the club.

The latest info will be at the top of this list. Some of this blog page will probably be duplicated on the front page and in the News tab, under the "Club Info" page.

  13/10/18  Hi guys and gals. I'm back to business, so I hope to be more active on the website now. You'll see the  Open Show results are now published for you  ... including the Canary, British and Foreign birds. That said, we still need some good photos to publish if you have any ... thanks

   26/6/18 Latest donations received for our open show ; 2018 open show

  03/04/18  Club visit arranged to Stoke ... follow the link for further stuff ; club visits and trips

  17/02/18  I'm back now after my little rest and I'll try to keep the website up to date - cheers, Mike

   14/11/17   I thought we had better keep Phil happy ..... I've added Murphy's to the trades list now !!

   13/11/17  With the list growing of contacts, I might separate the different categories of companies on the trade links -We'll see how it goes and how many more we can get to increase the list. 

   13/11/17  Rosemead Aviaries are our next company to join the growing list of contacts. Many thanks Steve & Claire Roach. ...http://ollertonbevercotescbs.yolasite.com/trade-contacts.php

  13/11/17  Charlotte Doheny, Senior Advisor & Business Development Executive from The Birdcare Company has given us permission to include the company on our Trade contacts page .... cheers Charlotte.  http://ollertonbevercotescbs.yolasite.com/trade-contacts.php

   10/11/17   Thanks to Kelly at Walkers European Transport for allowing us to add their company website to our  related websites page ...http://ollertonbevercotescbs.yolasite.com/other-related-websites.php  

  10/11/17   Another addition to our Trade links page - this time it's thanks to Andy at Tropibed for allowing us to add his product to the list  ...... http://ollertonbevercotescbs.yolasite.com/trade-contacts.php

  09/11/17   Thanks to Elaine at Gold Chips Bedding for allowing us to add her website to our Trade links page ....  http://ollertonbevercotescbs.yolasite.com/trade-contacts.php

 06/11/17  Good news - we are getting a new base for the show storage shed, thanks to a contact of Sean Platts.

 11/10/17  Successful Open Show with 365 birds benched. For results follow this link ..... 2017 show results

 22/9/17 A further thanks to Laura Keens at C&A Birds - this time for allowing us to add the link to their monthly magazine ...... other related websites

 21/9/17 Thanks to Rebecca at Welbeck for allowing us to add The Welbeck Estate to our growing list of places to visit while you're here on show day .... http://ollertonbevercotescbs.yolasite.com/places-of-interest.php

 17/9/17 Thanks to Steve (Suste) at Trafalgar Budgerigars for your feedback and comments... feedback

 16/9/17 Leeds BS has now been added to our links page. Thanks to Tony Poole for getting in touch - good to hear from you again mate - you've spurred me on to get my blog going on my own website - cheers.

12/9/17 Thanks to Laura at Cage & Aviary Birds for the feedback comment..... feedback

11/9/17 Most of the old members have now have names on the archive photos ..... archive photos .... Cheers Phil White for the info

 11/9/17 Another website added to the list ... West Midlands Bird Club this time.

Thanks for your support Mark. ..................... other related websites

 Two more additions to the links.

Avi-Smart Products (Kevin Bore) on the trade contacts page ... trade contacts  Kevin will be donating a raffle prize for our club show .... cheers mate.

Also a link added on the related links page from my mate in Spain who runs the Mangolink websites, this will be worth a regular check-out  .... other related websites

We have a new page added to the "Links" drop-down. The purpose is to give local links to associated websites, and you'll find more related stuff on there as well ...... other related websites . If you have any ideas or additions please let Mike Chase know.

 Thanks to John Callaghan we now have the logo without a white background - a great improvement, thanks again John.

OPEN SHOW SCHEDULE Sunday 8th October 2017 now available - please go to this link for details and get your entries in.... show dates

Over the last few months since changing the format of this website we've had some positive comments back to us and very much appreciated, however, we've been thinking - again! -  and we thought that it might be a nice idea if you let us publish you comments on a special page which has now been added in the menu, we've called it ...... "Feedback", clever eh!

So, please get on your pc's, phones, tablets or any other devices you might use and give us you comments and suggestions on how we might improve our website or just what you think of it .... keep it clean now, it's a family friendly site !!

You can go to the "Contact us" page or just hit this link ...contact us  

You can also visit the "Feedback" page by hitting this link ... feedback

 We've just added a few archive photos to the website and we are in need of some help with recognising some of the members, here is the link to the new page;  Archive Photos 


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