2017 Annual Members Show

We are in need of help with photos for this show ... please get in touch if you are able to supply - Thanks, Mike

                                      Winner's at this years annual members show.77 entries received on the day.

Best budgerigar.    Phil White
Best opp.sex budgerigar.  Steve Smith
Best budgerigar young bird.  Sean Platts.
Best clearwing.  Phil White
Best spangle. Phil White.
Best pied. Sean Platts.
Best redeye. Mr & Mrs Norris.
Best foreign exhibit. Mr & Mrs Norris.

Best champion any age. Phil White
Best champion young bird. Phil White

Best novice any age. Steve Smith
Best novice young bird. John Gambles.

Best beginner any age. Mick Fitchett.
Best beginner young bird. Sean Platts.

                                                                    Thanks to Gary Sutton judge.


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