Results - 2017 Young Stock Show

2nd July 2017

101 Exhibits

Judge – Tony Haywood



Best A/A          Steve Smith

Best Young Bird          Sean Platts


Best Champion/Intermediate Barhead                      Phil White

Best Champion/Intermediate Fully Moulted              Phil White

 Best Champion/Intermediate Adult                           Phil White  


Best Novice/Beginner Barhead                      Sean Platts

Best Novice/Beginner Fully Moulted               Sean  Platts

Best Beginner/Novice Adult                           Steve Smith


Best Junior                              Tegan Smith

To the left hand side -A few of the members contemplating Steve Smith's winning trophy.

This would be an opportunity for me to make a humorous comment or two, but it might get me into a bit of hot water ......... however, feel free to send me what you think might be the conversation and I'll publish it on here - but keep it clean guys !!


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