2018 Open Show - Budgerigar Results

We had a total of 383 Budgerigars entered

of which 317 benched from 30 exhibitors 

10 Champions benched 57 A/A and 46 Y/B

5 Intermediates benched 34 A/A and 25 Y/B

4 Novices benched 18 A/A and 18 Y/B

10 Beginners benched 33 A/A and 44 Y/B

1 Junior benched 4 A/A and 4 Y/B

4 Pairs were benched 

4 Teams of 4/6 were benched

 Budgerigars of Colour had 2 benched

We're delighted to announce that we managed to retain our SILVER CHAMPIONSHIP status by having a total of 317 budgerigars benched.

Well done and many thanks to all those who contributed in benching all birds, and all who helped proceedings for another successful show.

Best Budgerigar in Show awards

Apologies to some winners - we didn't have successful photos of all birds, if you have photos please contact us for publication, thanks

Full award sheets can be found at the end of this page

Best Budgerigar in Show

Grey Green Cock

Terheege Partnership

Best Young Bird in Show

& Best Beginner Y/B in Show


Cinnamon Grey Green Hen

Best Opp. Sex Y/B in Show


Lt Green Cock

Best Opp Sex A/A in Show

Lt Green Hen

Smith & Price 

Best Int A/A in Show

Grey Green Cock

Smith & Price

Best Novice A/A in Show


Dark Green Cock

Best Int Y/B in Show

Smith & Price

Grey Cock

Best Novice Y/B in Show

J. Gambles

Cinnamon Green Hen

Best Beginner A/A in Show

R. Boaler

Lt Green Cock

Best Junior A/A in Show

R. Sutton

Normal Grey Cock

Best Junior Y/B in Show

R. Sutton

Cobalt/Mauve/Violet Cock

That's about it, sorry if we missed any photos, we took quite a few that weren't quite up to scratch. However if you have any photos that you want us to publish then please get in touch through the "contact us" page and we'll do our best to include them. 


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